Roslyn Khongsai is a Design Label catering globally with Northeast Indian Textiles as main inspiration.

     The label welcomes customers who appreciate  the aesthetics of the Northeast. 


                          The Creative Director                     

Lhangum Tingneineng (Roslyn) Khongsai is a Fashion Design graduate from one of the premier fashion institutes of India – National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi, under the aegis of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India. 


During her years as a graduate in NIFT,    

“Roslyn Khongsai”  developed a vision to do something for her society through her imbibed knowledge so that the traditional fabrics of NorthEast India could be showcased globally. 

Her graduation design collection which was based on the Kuki traditional motifs was in itself a portrayal of her enthusiasm and attachment towards the traditional fabrics and motifs of the Northeast.

         After working in the garment industry for various organizations from export houses to buying houses as well as a design house for 8 years, she started creative developments. 

 This eventually let to the production of Neckties for men and unisex  scarfs based on the Kuki traditional motifs.                                

Having seen a tremendous acceptance with the design within and outside the targeted market, she decided to venture into deeper waters by starting her own label “ROSLYN KHONGSAI"